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GameFront is returned,Legions War now on GameFront too!

|EFT|FTFire / Aug 30, 2016
When we first heard the news of GameFront's closure we were incredibly sad and disappointed, but we understood the many challenges the site faced. At lot has changed since 1999. We no longer have to download the hottest gaming trailers in AVI format and watch them once we get our codecs in order, Youtube does that for us. Nor do we have to manually install demos, patches and gaming clients, our digital distribution program solves the hard stuff. And while epic total conversions that push boundaries like Counter-Strike and DotA once did are not as common, mods like these remain as important as ever in making new and old games great.

So that's why when we heard the news, we knew we couldn't sit by idly and let GameFront (formerly FileFront and FileLeach) once a behemoth of the gaming world, slowly fade into obscurity. After all choice, openness and preserving history are ideologies we value greatly at ModDB and IndieDB. So we began talking to Defy Media the former owner of and, and reached an agreement to acquire these domains. It is a challenge we are eager to take on, and we thank Defy Media greatly for giving us the opportunity.

Our 3 step plan

We've just taken STEP 1, once again the site is open to the entire world to upload and share files for the first time in many years. We know it doesn't contain the content it once did, but we shall persevere and encourage our community to share all the user generated content they can, so no gaming history is lost.

STEP 2, will be designing a site which strikes a balance between the powerful and detailed FileFront site of old, which also embodies many of the usability and accessibility traits common in today's websites. We consider ourselves to be power users, and aim to bring back what we believe once made the FileFront Network great. Rest assured the current design is a temporary stepping stone.

STEP 3, is ultimately up to you. Perhaps GameFront is a dinosaur and not needed. But we want to believe that there is still a community of gamers out there, who want an open gaming site, that embodies DRM free principles and allows anyone to create and share content they are working on, without restriction.

So please join us in the forums, start exploring games, mods and files and most importantly help us rebuild the archive by uploading new and old files. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Youtube.
Legions War GameFront's page


Yay GameFront is back,i'm really missing this site.And congratz EFT and GameFront,i hope your integration will be a long.😀
Congratz GameFront with return.Also good luck in integration EFT.
Well good,now we have another good site for games and not only.Good luck EFT and GameFront.I hope this up the popularity of Legions War.
Thank's for support us.All members of EFT Team congratulates the GameFront with return to game's world.
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