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  • Astarg


The Blood Blade

Base Data:

+ (1611) HP

+ (455) MP

Might Power(Damage) - 64.1%

Might Power(Power) - 62.7%

Damage Attack - 70.6%

Survivability - 57.2%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Hard

Main Roles: Melee,Gladiator,Destroyer.

Extra Roles: Caster.


Target of My Blade (Q) - Next strike decrease target's armor by 12%\14%\16%\18%\20% and open wounds which deal every 1 second 30\35\40\45\50 true damage(Time of Effect 5 seconds) Heartbeat:If current hp of enemy is 50% or less then he gets 100 physical damage.

Sacrifices (W) - All on AoE of this spell gets a blind and reduced attack speed by 20%\22%\24%\26%\28% for 4 seconds.

Closer (E) (Passive) - Astarg have a chance by 10%\15%\20%\25%\30% to deal 20%\23%\25%\27%\29% true damage to all targets which stays in radius from your attack.

Blood Blade (R)(Ult) - Slash the target what after this get (205\256\300+Target's Might Power) true damage and stun by 2 seconds. Sacrifices: Astarg get 50% of attack speed but during the effect Astarg and target loses 50 armor (Time of Effect 5 seconds) Heartbeat: If Astarg kills target from this ability then he gets 30% to movement speed for 3 seconds and restore 20% hp.