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  • Caldamar


Risen of the Ashes

Base Data:

+ (1807) HP

+ (450) MP

Defence Power(Damage) - 75.1%

Defence Power(Power) - 45.2%

Damage Attack - 65.6%

Survivability - 71.2%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Medium

Main Roles: Melee,Gladiator,Splainer.

Extra Roles: Bastior,Hunter.


Ghostly Skull (Q) - Let the enemy ghostly skull which causes 140\152\160\173\187 defence damage and stuns for 2 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:The ability "Dissecting Punch" will cause 50 defence damage if the enemy has the debuff of "Ghostly Skull"

Drain Soul (W)(Passive) - Every strike Caldamar drain 8%\10%\12%\14%\16% health from enemy.

Demonic Power (E)(Passive) - Every your attack will deal 5%\8%\10%\12%\15% from your base attack damage to target and to enemies what are in 250 AoE from target.

Dissecting Punch (R)(Ult) - Caldamar deals a devastating blow with an axe to the enemy legioner dealing 300\320\350 defence damage. Ability PASSIVE:If enemy legioner is dying then Caldamar get +3 Defence Power.