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  • Celestia


Wind of Changes

Base Data:

+ (1201) HP

+ (605) MP

Spells Power(Damage) - 43.3%

Spells Power(Power) - 25.2%

Damage Attack - 40.1%

Survivability - 24.1%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Medium

Main Roles: Range,Helper.

Extra Roles: Healer.


Instant Wind (Q) - Throws up target in the air for 1 second after landing 150\165\173\183\196 magic damage, the movement speed of the target is slowed by 5%\12%\14%\16%\18% for 2 seconds.

Negative Changes (W) - Reduce targets and standing enemies in 300 area from target armor by 10\15\20\25\30 for 4 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:After use through 4 seconds target loses 50\65\80\95\115 mana.

Effect of Wind (E) - Restores the specified purpose 110\120\130\140\150 health and after 2 seconds from first heal target restores additional 30% health. Ability PASSIVE:Celestia gets +2 gold and silver coins after second heal.

Random Luck (R)(Ult) - In 300\350\400 area you and your allies gets +15%\20%\25% to attack and movement speed for 5 seconds.But all why get this effect getting a chance to miss by 20% to end of this effect.