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Legions War Library

1.What is Legionnaire?

In Legions War heroes are called legionnaires,Legionnaires are divided on classes:


Effective their abilities or attack in late game,also Late can be not only darsag or shade,casters can too.


His goal is first to engage the enemy and to cover allies,the mandatory feature of the Bastior should have good health and protection.


The role of the Shade is very important they should cut down their opponents quickly and be serious problem but their success depends on teamwork for their motto had hit but don't move you're dead.


The purpose of the simple Darsag inflict a lot of damage the enemy but often Darsag is experiencing problems with other characteristics, and its damage is entirely dependent on earned resources.


The goal of Gladiator different from its versatility,it can have a lot of armor and health but at the same time to be a good destroyer and bastior.Nevertheless, his role is entirely depends from the player.


The task is simple Hunter interaction come out from the forest at the call of the allies,the Hunter doesn't depend that the bastior he or caster,his main source of income Neutral Bosses but the task Hunter interaction is very important it needs to run through the lines and help the allies if the team has a good Hunter this increases the chances of winning.


They say that the Caster should be only a Mage but it's not true Caster must first inflict maximum damage combinations of abilities,so the player who plays this role need perfectly use a combination of abilities to inflict max damage.


The task Helper to save strengthen allies especially to help in team fights,most of the games depends just on how the Helper will help the team.


The task Healer to give allies buffs which helps with regen and hp,mp.He a very important for team like a Helper.


He's main role is a push the enemies lanes and very good clear yourself's.Not depends from base classes.


Class which can easy gank the enemy.But his luck depends from team.