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  • Desar


Shadow of Anamaria

Base Data:

+ (1411) HP

+ (608) MP

Spells Power(Damage) - 72.1%

Spells Power(Power) - 50.2%

Damage Attack - 38.1%

Survivability - 37.0%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Hard

Main Roles: Range,Late,Caster.

Extra Roles: Not.


Replace of Souls (Q) - Reduce your and target's generic resist by 50% also target lost 30\40\50\60\70 of base damage for 5 seconds,after end of effect target get 170 magic damage.

Source of Horror (W) - Deal to target 150\164\179\185\198 in magic damage other 4 targets gets extra 10%\20%\30%\40%\50% true damage.

Spell of Anamaria (E) - All legionnaires in current area lost theirs movement speed by 25%\30%\35%\40%\45% for 3 seconds.

Last Fight (R)(Ult) - Set the seal on target what reduce attack speed by 10%\20%\30% for 5 seconds. Ability PASSIVE: After start set the effect on your enemy for 5 seconds,if during the effect target will have less than 50% then your mana will be restored by 100% if target's mana will be greater than 50%,then you lost 200 of your mana and target restores yourself mana to full.