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Legions War Library



Guardians are powerful defensive structures that defend each lane at even intervals, punishing enemies that come within range with deadly bolts of energy. Like dargons, they can suddenly attack you and not dargons. If you're the last target in range Guardians will attack only you.


Guardians(Level 1):

Basic Damage: 500

Attack Speed: 10%

+ 1900 HP

Armor: 60


Passive: Every next attack will be slow target movement speed by 20% for 1 seconds(Targets: Only Legionaires)

Guardians (Level 2):

Basic Damage: 520

Attack Speed: 10%

+ 2100 HP

Armor: 63


Passive: Every next attack will be deal a wound what deals extra 10% true damage and slow attack speed by 30% for 1 seconds.

Guardians (Level 3):

Basic Damage: 550

Attack Speed: 10%

+ 2400 HP

Armor: 66


Passive: Those who are standing next to the target will gain (10% damage from Guardian's basic attack) from every attack on this target(Targets: Legionaires,Dargons)

Guardians (Level 4):

Basic Damage: 600

Attack Speed: 20%

+ 2700 HP

+ 150% Shield Energy

Armor: 70


Active: After enemy's attack,guardian activated a shield what absorbs 1% of incoming damage and lost for every strike 10% of his energy.Shield restores 0.20% per second.