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  • Indzaro


The Bringer of Death

Base Data:

+ (1612) HP

+ (10) Sano Seals

Might Power(Damage) - 44.1%

Might Power(Power) - 78.4%

Damage Attack - 79.1%

Survivability - 37.0%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Hard

Main Roles: Melee,Shade,Late,Caster.

Extra Roles: Not.


Shuriken of Shadows (Q) - Throws the enemy shuriken that deals 110\120\130\140\150 physical damage. 4 or more Sano Seals:The opponent will receive (5 x Targets Level) physical damage.

Sidzaris Scroll (W) - Decrease enemys attack by 10%\12%\14%\\16%\18% and regeneration of health by 1\1.20\1.40\1.60\2 (Time of Effect 4 seconds) Ability PASSIVE:You are collects +3 Sano Seals.

Kenkos Scroll (E) - Target flow to rage and after this gets 20%\25%\30%\35%\40% to attack speed and lost 20\40\60\80\100 mana,but after end of effect target will get (200+10% per stack of Target Max HP)(Stacks 3)

Shi no Tsubasa (R)(Ult) - The next blow slows movement speed by 20%\25%\30% and for 2\2.50\3 seconds, also near with target creates a shadow that attacks her 4 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:If enemy legioner has died then Inzaro gets +2 Might Power. 5 or more Sano Seals:The opponent gets 300 physical damage.