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  • Juace


The Dailings Trax-Shooter

Base Data:

+ (1620) HP

+ (442) MP

Might Power(Damage) - 67.3%

Might Power(Power) - 68.2%

Damage Attack - 70.6%

Survivability - 47.1%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Medium

Main Roles: Range,Darsag,Late.

Extra Roles: Splainer.


Steam Bullet (Q) - Juace has shoots Steam Bullets what deal 170 physical damage to target and prohibits to use spells for 1\1.20\1.40\1.60\2 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:All why stayed in 300 area near the target cant use spells too.

Slow Pain (W)(Auto-Cast) - Every next Juaces shoot will slow down target attack speed by 5%\8%\11%\16%\21% for 2 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:Within 2 seconds target will take damage by 10\15\20\25\30 true damage.

Uncontrollable Rage (E) - Juace increase its attack speed by 10%\13%\16%\19%\22% for 4 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:Juace gets max 100 HP for 3 seconds.

Sticking Mine (R)(Ult) - Juace throws mine which sticks to a target and explodes after 3 seconds causing 320 physical damage to enemies in 500 area from target. Ability PASSIVE:After sticking mines,the targets armor reduced by 20\25\30 for 3 seconds.