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  • Kairo


The Suegi Blade

Base Data:

+ (1408) HP

+ (100) Magic Energy

Spells Power(Damage) - 46.1%

Spells Power(Power) - 86.1%

Damage Attack - 44.6%

Survivability - 42.2%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Hard

Main Roles: Melee,Caster,Late.

Extra Roles: Splainer.


Mark of Kunai (Q) - Throw Kunai in target that slow targets attack speed and movement by 5%\8%\11%\14%\17% for 3 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:Marks target with mark what after 3 seconds deal 170 magic damage and takes 10% mana from target.

Mark of Pain (W) - Deals 150\160\171\182\190 magic damage to target. Ability PASSIVE:If target have buff Mark of Kunai then gets extra 30% magic damage.

Secret Technique (E) - Kairo gets 20\23\26\29\32 armor and 10% generic resist for 5 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:If Kairo have 100% of magic energy then she gets invisible for 3 seconds.

Blinding Blow (R)(Ult) - Wound the target and deal 320 magic damage,after hit within 3 seconds target bleeding and gets 15\20\25 true damage per second,target can't use abilities. Ability PASSIVE:If the target die from this ability Kairo's health will be restored by 10% and gets 20% to Spells Power for 3 seconds.