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  • Laira


Dioksian Shooter

Base Data:

+ (1617) HP

+ (430) MP

Might Power(Damage) - 56.1%

Might Power(Power) - 55.2%

Damage Attack - 84.1%

Survivability - 35.0%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Medium

Main Roles: Range,Late,Darsag.

Extra Roles: Not.


Magic Arrow (Q) - Shoots an arrow at the enemy which inflicts 153\165\173\186\192 physical damage. Mark of Scout on enemy: Laira get +25 damage for 5 seconds.

Absorption (W) - Absorbs target's attack speed and increase yourself by 50% but laira's generic resist will be reduced by 20%,target lose attack speed by 20%\22%\25%\27%\30% (Time of Effect 5 seconds)

Mark of Scout (E) - Reduce target armor by 20\25\30\33\36 and allow to see his eyes for 4 seconds.Give to some laira's spells additional effect.Work only on Legionnaires.

Great Target (R)(Ult) - The arrow reached the target causes 310\340\360 true damage,after damage through 3 seconds target's movement speed will be reduced by 50% for 2 seconds. Mark of Scout on enemy: Mana cost reduced by 10%.