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  • Molly


Little Courage

Base Data:

+ (1813) HP

+ (470) MP

Defence Power(Damage) - 80.1%

Defence Power(Power) - 74.1%

Damage Attack - 62.2%

Survivability - 70.3%

For Enemies - Medium Risk

Difficulty - Hard

Main Roles: Melee,Bastior,Caster.

Extra Roles: Not.


Naidlinian Fall (Q) - Molly deals 150\163\175\186\194 defence damage blow of her sword above goal,if a killed target is Legioner then Molly restores 8% manas and health.

Subsequent Covenant (W) - Molly gets a roundhouse kick in a radius of 500 from itself causing enemies 158\169\178\187\190 defence damage.

Raising Courage (E) - Increases armor of all allies within 500 from you by 25\30\35\40\45 for 5 seconds,Molly get for 3 seconds (+3 x Your Level) additional Defence Power.

Justice (R)(Ult) - This goal is applied (210 + Number of Spells Power points of enemy) mixed damage,the enemies who were within a radius of 400 from target reduced movement speed by 20%\25%\30% and prohibits to use spells by 5 seconds.