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  • Nyra


The Queen of Shadows

Base Data:

+ (1211) HP

+ (622) MP

Spells Power(Damage) - 43.5%

Spells Power(Power) - 25.2%

Damage Attack - 41.1%

Survivability - 27.1%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Medium

Main Roles: Melee,Healer.

Extra Roles: Helper,Destroyer.


Fallen Star (Q) - Specified unit and everyone who stands next to apply 155\168\177\183\195 magic damage and slowing for 2 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:If dargon or legioner has been killed of this ability then Nyra restores 20 mana.

Shield of Darkness (W) - Gives an ally a shield what gives 20\22.50\23\23.50\24 armor for 4\4.50\5.50\6 seconds. Ability PASSIVE:Restores 60\78\87\95\110 manas target.

Essence of Darkness (E) - Nyra creates a flash what heals 105\118\127\130\148 hit points consistently to 1\2\3\4\5 allies. Ability PASSIVE:If the first target when healing be 15% or less hit points,then Nyra restores hit points what equal 15%.

Vortex of Fears (R)(Ult) - All over the map you and your allie legioners get 20\30\40 to attack and armor by 23\24\25(Time of effect 4\5\6 seconds)