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Legions War Library

This a Legionnaire's selection,here you can choose your legionnaire.Click on the icon of legionnaire what you want to choose.In right down side accept your choose by click on icon,also you can hover on icon and learn about main parameters of legionnaire.

Note: If Selection's time has ended,you will be without legionnaire

This a tent where you can buy a Flocks,Click on tent by left and in right down side choose a flock,you can choose only a one.Extra spells highlighted by Light Blue,after this go to the area "On Arena of Battle".

Note: Flocks can seriosly rotate a battle,so choose them carefully.Also they have decreasing and increasing effects,passive effect opens from 19 LvL.

Note2: Extra spells have a long reload,use them in a right situations.

This is a tent of items.In Legions War items divided on types.

Runic Items costs 2500 Gold Coins and highlighted by Blue,

Mythical Items costs 2000 Silver Coins and highlighted by Purple,

Legendary Items costs 3200 Silver Coins and highlighted by Red.

Click by left the tent after this from right side you will see tabs click to one and you will see table of items.Left Click on icon for buy,Right Click for sell just move item from inventory to tent and press Left Click.

Note: Think over strategy don't buy all items,types depend from one to one.

Magic Treasures is instrument which can help you in different situations,they have cooldown which shows the blue bar over it.In current time Legions War have three types:

Orange - Give to you invisibility for short time.

Blue - Give to you armor and health regen for short time.

Yellow - Give to you attack and movement speed for short time.

These scorpions are called "Dargons" remember the main rule your dargons is friends,they your massive powerful siege weapon,some time they can show you how to need play.Towers are called "Guardians",they have own ability and have a random factor to attack.They deal a high damage so be careful.

Many legionnaires uses another resources,for example Indzaro he use Sano Seals.For a learn abilities press "O"or click orange plus.For use the ability,press icon and if this on target or point click by left.

A very strong structures what are called Great Guardians,they give to your team and dargons buffs,effects which can seriously rotate the course of battle.

In forest live a strong creatures what are called "Neutral Bosses",after killing them you get a buffs which increase on some time the particular parameters.Don't forget many of them not stacks between yourselves.