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Manakeep 728x90
  • Treor


The Cursed Scorpion

Base Data:

+ (1805) HP

+ (465) MP

Defence Power(Damage) - 63.1%

Defence Power(Power) - 75.2%

Damage Attack - 52.3%

Survivability - 73.0%

For Enemies - Medium Risk

Difficulty - Hard

Main Roles: Melee,Bastior,Hunter.

Extra Roles: Not.


Venoms Poison (Q) - In the specified enemy flies sting of poison which inflicts 155\166\174\186\195 defence damage and every 2 seconds applied to the enemy 10\12\14\16\18 true damage (Time of Poison 6 seconds)

Tail Strike (W) - Beat the enemy his tail after this target can't use spells and lost attack speed by 10%\12%\15%\17%\20% for 2 seconds.

Pain from Poison (E)(Passive) - Every next attack dealing to target 3\4\5\6\7 periodic true damage during the 5 seconds.

Flame of Curse (R)(Ult) - The fire curse what shrouds enemy dealing 320 initial defence damage and immobilizes deals for 1\1.50\2 seconds 20\25\30 true damage.