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Yao Min
  • Yao Min

Yao Min

The Essence of World

Base Data:

+ (1202) HP

+ (600) MP

Spells Power(Damage) - 52.1%

Spells Power(Power) - 33.0%

Damage Attack - 34.6%

Survivability - 50.0%

For Enemies - High Risk

Difficulty - Hard

Main Roles: Melee,Helper.

Extra Roles: Destroyer.


Energy Orb (Q) - Thrown orb in target what deal 150\162\174\182\192 magic damage and disable spells for a moment.

Essence of Wujo (W) - Reduce target's attack speed and damage by 10%\13%\16%\20%\25%. ManaPulse Enemy Less then 50%:Decrease generic resist by 40% for 4 seconds. HealthPulse Enemy Less then 30%:Deal 30% additional true damage.

Essence of Yin (E) - Increase target's generic resist by 50% and health regen by 20%\25%\30%\35%\40%. ManaPulse Allie Less then 20%:Restores mana by (15xTarget's Current Level) HealthPulse Allie Less then 30%:Restores health by (18xTarget's Current Level)

Essence of Hao (R)(Ult) - Blinds all enemies in 300\400\550 AoE and reduce movement speed by 20%\30%\40%. ManaPulse You Less then 50%:Decrease your mana by 100 and through 2 seconds restore 30%. HealthPulse You Less then 90%:Increased your and your allies movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds.